Body and Mind are of the same dimension: : the Riza Medical Institute bases its philosophy on this. Founded by famous Psychiatrist Raffaele Morelli and other doctors, the Institute was created as a Centre for Research and Studies with the aim of spreading and developing a Psychosomatic Approach to Health and Wellbeing. The Riza Medical Institute has since become the nucleus around which the intensive Riza activities in the field of Education, Publishing and Clinical research have evolved. This very philosophy continues to inspire our work today. Riza is unique in the Health and Health Information sector. Riza publications are the result of clinical research by "specialists" in their chosen field and have the pulse of modern day society and the diversified needs of patients. The driving force behind this research structure is to be found in the Holistic Tradition and synergy between the healing potential of Nature and the Psyche and Psychosomatic Techniques.

Wellbeing according to Riza